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The Karnataka State Forest Industries Corporation Ltd, had established a factory at Bangalore for manufacture of Flush Doors, Block Boards, Fabrication of Doors, windows, Furniture & for Pulverising of Sandal wood powder, during 1988. The Karnataka State Forest Industries Corporation's Factory is equiped with modern Wood Working Machines, latest Wood Preservative Treatment Plants Seasoning Kilns etc, to ensure highest quality at all levels of production.

The Karnataka State Forest Industries Corporation (KSFIC) is the symbol of quality. Twenty six years of glorious experience has made it a master of wood technology. With its state - of - the art technology, updated machines, chemical treatment plant, seasoning skills and the expertise to select genuine wood, KSFIC has carved a niche for itself in wood Craft. Care is taken to maintain highest standards at all levels of productions.

Then it is not surprising when the Institute of Economic Studies conferred "Excellence Award" on KSFIC. An award in recognition to productivity, quality, innovation and management.

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